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Betting Protocol of the Future
A DeFi high-throughput sports betting and prediction markets protocol with real-time settlement.
Harvest rewards by participating in liquidity provision, additionally staking your $KKO will grant you access to bonus rewards generated on the betting platform.
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Our future decentralized betting products will be governed by the Kineko token.
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A unique fully-licensed betting protocol with the longterm plans of taking everything on-chain to be governed and owned by the user.
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2021 Q1
Seed Round
2021 Q2
Presale Round
Token Generation Event
Liquidity Reward Program
Surprise Announcement 🎁
Launch of Kineko v1
Launch of $KKO Token Burn Mechanism
2021 Q3
Launch of Kineko Governance
2021 Q4
Testnet Launch of Kineko v2
2022 Q1
Mainnet Launch of Kineko v2
Cross-chain Development
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